Town of Enfield

Success Story

Improved Customer Collaboration thanks to Unify

The Town of Enfield moved to a SIP-based Unified Communications solution to reduce costs and boost service – 5-year benefits of $1.4m projected with a 6-month payback.

The Task

Facing rising operational costs and growing demand for newer technologies, the Town of Enfield needed to reduce operational costs, improve scalability, and add unified communications features to its voice network which relied on inefficient Centrex technology.

The Solution

Enfield implemented an open, SIP-based unified communications solution from Unify. The deployment included OpenScape Voice running on an OpenScape UC Server to serve the Town of Enfield’s workforce, government offices, public safety departments and the school system. The project replaced more than 750 ports with SIP phones at over 30 locations, provided enhanced messaging, caller ID, and system-administration capabilities.

The Benefits

Enfield is now on track to realize benefits over five years totaling more than $1.43M from its investment in OpenScape Voice and UC. The savings include lower costs for the telephony infrastructure, tolls and voice messaging, and streamlined phone-number administration. The town is expected to earn a 106% return on its investment of $695K providing a payback in six months.

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