Success Story

Schattdecor strengthens creative and collaborative processes with Circuit

Cross-company teams are communicating and work together faster and more efficiently, sharing information and ideas with ease and streamlining project management.

The Task

  • More efficient communication across global sites
    Schattdecor needed a platform to communicate quickly, easily and informally across the whole group, as well as within departments and teams.The company wanted to involve all sites across the globe better and keep all employees informed and on the same knowledge level. The tool environment should allow for quicker exchange and more efficient and effective team work.

The Solution

  • Circuit cloud collaboration
    Circuit offers all the collaboration features that Schattdecor required in one single, easy-to-use app, including voice, HD video, screen share, file sharing and team messaging. All features are available across all devices, from desktops to mobiles to smartwatches, so users can use Circuit wherever they are, with access to all content and features. Calls can be swiped back and forth between desktop and mobile, keeping on-the-go users connected without any interruption. Circuit can also be integrated in Schattdecor’s existing Unify OpenScape telephony and IT systems.

The Benefits

  • Teams stay connected and easily share ideas and knowledge
    For Schattdecor’s teams, it’s easy to stay connected, stay on top of projects and communicate and share inspiration and updates. Everything related to a specific project is available in conversations within the Circuit app, it’s easy to create communities, make calls, and share images, all without having to click into other applications. The ability to share images and video in Circuit is especially important for Schattdecor; for example, the marketing team members can easily share ideas and images from events, and post the shared images on the company Instagram account.
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