Réseau des Grandes École Spécialisées

Success Story

French elite school network expands availability with Unify’s OpenScape Office

To ensure anytime availability for students and businesses, the ‘Réseau des Grandes École Spécialisées’ (GES Network), a French network of specialized schools for higher education, chooses the OpenScape Office MX Unified Communications solution from Unify.

The Task

The GES Network unites six independent higher education schools. With 4,800 total students and several related sites for a total of eight dispersed locations throughout Paris, three main challenges had to be met:

  • Continuous answering of numerous calls at all times
  • Fluid, hassle-free collaboration despite the distance between network members
  • Better management of communications costs

The GES Network turned to Voxea,a certified Unify partner, to deliver a modern, simple and reliable communications solution that addresses these needs.

The Solution

A completely new Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure was installed supporting OpenScape Office MX, which provides the GES Network a high level of stability its former network lacked. At the same time, it allows dramatically improved communications management of eight sites as if they were one. The solution consists of:

  • Presence indication of all staff
  • Mobile application
  • Instant messaging service
  • General and individual auto attendant
  • Conference call devices
  • Videoconferencing.

The Benefits

Today, the GES Network enjoys an ergonomic Unified Communications (UC) solution that’s user-friendly with enhanced 24/7 availability versus the previous system. This is completely in line with students’ and businesses’ demands and supports the network’s goal to align all parties. Key benefits are:
Improved call handling

  • Conferencing tools that reduce travel needs
  • Collaboration that’s simplified and enriched
  • Free internal communications between sites .
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