The virtual patient interview

Circuit brings the doctor to the patient at home

No matter where you are – Circuit brings the therapist to the patient

Patient treatment must be smooth and as risk-free as possible; therefore, it is essential to use a reliable, fast and secure means of communication. Circuit offers exactly that and more. Find out here how Circuit is used in the psychiatric clinic “Psychiatrie- Dienste Süd” in Switzerland.

Isolation and restrictions can be especially difficult for those with mental illnesses. Missing therapy sessions can add to that stress and associated risks to health and well-being. In order to maintain a level of care and support its patients in these difficult times, the psychiatric clinic „Psychiatrie-Dienste Süd“ in Switzerland is using the collaboration application Circuit for the virtual treatment of its patients and the best possible pa- tient experience.

How virtual patient care works

The procedure is very simple: The patient makes an appointment by phone or e-mail. The doctor opens a separate 1:1 conversation with the patient in Circuit, using the patient’s unique number. The number protects the patient’s privacy and anonymity. This conversation is a consistent location and link for patients to easily connect to – even for the least tech savvy patient. With just one click, the patient can now access the conversation as a guest and have a consultation with his therapist at the agreed appointment time. The video conference function ensures that the attending physician can get a more comprehensive picture of his patient, but a pure audio conference is also possible. The patient does not need any software or licenses, just access to the Internet and a browser.

Security and privacy

Today, a wide range of communication and video conferencing solutions are available on the market. Especially with sensitive data, however, it is worth taking a close look at security and data protection. At Circuit, communication is encrypted end-to-end. For the patient no download of a client and no login with user data is necessary. This means that even after the video call is completed, no information is left on any device. Circuit comes from Unify, a European manufacturer, and is compliant with DSGVO/GDPR.

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