OPZ Geel

Success Story

OpenScape 4000 with integrated contact center and OpenScape Alarm Response (OScAR) proved to be the ideal system for the Openbaar Psychiatrisch Zorgcentrum (OPZ) Geel to ensure the best possible care for its psychiatric patients.

OPZ Geel in Geel, Belgium is a renowned center for psychiatric healthcare, providing services to inpatients as well as outpatients. Faced with a completely outdated telephony and alarm system, OPZ Geel management found that an overhaul of their communications infrastructure was desperately needed. After assessing a number of options, OPZ Geel decided that Unify’s OpenScape 4000 was the best solution to comply with the center’s fast-changing needs.

The Task

In 2011, the psychiatric care center OPZ Geel determined that its telephony and alarm system was outdated, lacked flexibility and hampered continuity. It was difficult to contact staff when they were needed and to get them in time to where their presence was required. The previous system was also a liability with respect to ensuring security. In addition, there was no structural framework for the center’s communication policy.

On top of that, its telephony partner announced that the platform OPZ Geel was using would no longer be supported, leaving OPZ Geel with little time to find a solution.

The Solution

  • OpenScape 4000
  • OpenScape Contact Center
  • OpenScape Alarm Response (OScAR) server connected to DECT antenna for the transmission of multiple types of alarms – from personal to fire alarms – and the location of nursing staff.

The Benefits

The fully redundant OpenScape 4000 platform allows OPZ Geel staff to connect and be connected through a combination of DECT, TDM and VoIP devices. Linked to an OScAR server and DECT antenna network, it transmits personal as well as general alarms and sends these immediately to the right people.

The system in place also makes it possible to precisely locate employees, helping to ensure that the right care is provided, at the right time.

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