Horndean Technology College

Success Story

Horndean Technology College transforms its operational efficiency and its external image with a HiPath 3800 Unified Communications (UC) solution from Unify

HiPath 3800 and OpenScape Office HX solution have enabled Horndean to cut telephony costs, improve customer service and boost employees’ efficiency.

The Task

Despite a strong academic reputation, Horndean Technology College needed to improve its telephony-based communications for customers and employees alike. With only one direct route to college for calls and a limited number of extensions, many members of staff were having to share telephones, messages were sometimes not received by tutors, and feedback from parents highlighted issues with the existing system with messages not reaching the correct members of staff.

The Solution

Unify´s partner Peach Telecom worked closely with Horndean to identify its operational and budgetary needs. They chose to install Unify´s HiPath 3800 and OpenScape Office HX, giving the college the ability to deploy the solution into the existing network and avoid the costs associated with replacing the system cabling. The flexible solution provides extensions for all employees along with user presence and voicemail capabilities, efficiently integrating the college’s voice and data communications and building a scalable platform for future UC needs. The new communications set-up also uses an ISDN 30 system and accommodates both analogue and digital networks.

The Benefits

The solution also provides a complete foundation for UC that is scalable to the college’s expanding needs while accommodating both TDM and IP handsets.

  • Greatly reduced telephony costs
  • Improved customer service – for parents and the community
  • Enhanced staff productivity and collaboration
  • Flexible communications across the college campus
  • Additional options for promoting school and community events.

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