City of Scottsdale, Arizona

Success Story

City of Scottsdale Moves to Unified Communications Solution from Unify to Reduce Costs and Enable Workforce Flexibility

With an outdated telephony system placing a burden on this Arizona city government, officials turned to Unify for a complete solution that is driving savings and empowering employees.

The Task

Facing rising operational costs and growing demand for newer communication technologies, the City of Scottsdale launched a plan to cut overhead, improve scalability, and add unified communications capabilities to its voice network. The initiative came just in time, as municipal employees at this highly desirable Arizona community were beginning to feel the downside effects of an out-moded PBX-based phone system that lacked capabilities like one-number call routing and advanced mobility features. Controlling telephony costs and improving staff productivity were among the goals of the city’s strategy.

The Solution

To reach its goal, Scottsdale implemented an open, SIP-based, unified communications solution from Unify, allowing the City to fully exploit SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) capabilities in its network.

The new system —incorporating OpenScape Voice, OpenScape UC Application, OpenScape Xpressions and Openscape Contact Center — allows Scottsdale to consolidate all municipal agencies on a single IP system and better serve approximately 1,800 users across a range of municipal offices, including the police and fire departments, financial service department, court system and administrative services including IT, network security group, and programmers at GIS.

The Benefits

Scottsdale is now on track to reap significant benefits from better communication efficiencies, as well as lower telephony costs. Early benefits include:

  • Streamlined communications: City staff find it easier to coordinate across departments and city officials launch Web collaboration sessions and public hearings on the unified platform, saving on travel costs
  • Greater mobility capabilities for city personnel, giving employees a single number to communicate anywhere they roam
  • Better workforce productivity: Employees now have better work-at-home and BYOD options, as well as self-service tools that lighten the load for support staff.

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