Chirkeyskaya HPP

Success Story

TeleSvyaz has successfully implemented a project to create a radio communications system at the Chirkeyskaya HPP, including the creation of a technological network of radio communications based on DECT standard

The Chirkeyskaya HPP is a hydroelectric power plant on the Sulak River near the village of Dubki, in Kazbekovsky district of Dagestan, Russia. It is the most powerful hydroelectric power plant in the North Caucasus. It has the second highest dam in Russia and the highest arched dam in the country. It is part of the Sulak cascade of hydropower plants, being its upper stage regulating the entire cascade. The Chirkeyskaya HPP is part of the Dagestan branch of RusHydro PJSC. The first unit was put into operation in 1974.

The Task

There was no radio communication system at the Chirkeyskaya HPP. Concrete walls of technological premises and ceilings hindered the operation of radio stations inside the premises, which created difficulties for the HPP’s maintenance and repair personnel.

The main objective of the project was to create a wireless communication system in the production facilities and technological sites of the Chirkeyskaya HPP. The radio communication system was to cover production, administrative and auxiliary premises of the station, switchgear (Open Switchgear), and adjoining territories and to increase accessibility of operational service personnel, administration, security service, repair crews with required quality and reliability of wireless communication.

The Solution

To create a radio communication system, Unify Communications solutions were chosen, which showed maximum compliance with the customer’s needs and meet the challenges of further growth and development of the organization. TeleSvyaz, one of the leading partners of Unify in Russia, was chosen as the contractor of the project.

The OpenScape 4000 system is used to provide interstation voice communication. Operative and dispatching communication of the station shift supervisor (hereinafter referred to as “NCS”) with operational and production services of Chirkeyskaya HPP is carried out with the help of the switch based on OpenScape 4000 by means of IP branch.

The Benefits

OpenScape 4000 is an innovative, modern real-time IP system that combines the advantages of IP communication with the functions of channel switching communication systems, providing a higher level of reliability than solutions based solely on TDM technology. The creation of the wireless segment of the telephone network required the installation of 39 DECT base stations. As a result, the organized coverage provided reliable communication throughout the Chirkeyskaya HPP.

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