Bethesda Spital

Success Story

OpenScape Voice and UC installed at Bethesda Spital Basel, a member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals, is the foundation of all communications and patient entertainment

The original landline telephone system, network and switchboard at the 130-bed Bethesda Spital had reached its end of life. The OpenScape solution reliably provides hospital employees with more information at a glance and improves overall patient satisfaction.

The Task

  • The hospital’s existing network needed updating and expansion via a wireless LAN.
  • The outdated landline system and phones needed replacing with an up-to-date, reliable VoIP solution.
  • The former complicated switchboard also required replacing to simplify work at the reception desk.
  • The hospital wanted WiFi access in every ward and an advanced personal bedside entertainment system.

The Solution

  • OpenScape Voice and OpenScape Unified Communications (UC) make up the hospital’s new VoIP telephony system. It’s fully integrated into the data center and virtualized on existing physical servers via VMware.
  • The pre-existing DECT system from another vendor was easily integrated thanks to the open design of OpenScape.
  • OpenScape Concierge is the hospital’s new switchboard solution which enables a central contact management.
  • OpenScape Health Station includes touchscreen and bedside radio, TV and internet access.
  • WiFi internet access is available in every ward and patient room.

The Benefits

  • The new system is much more powerful, reliable, flexible, faster, and easier to use.
  • OpenScape allows the seamless integration of contemporary ICT environments for high levels of automation.
  • The updated network solution for communications and patient entertainment comes from a single provider.
  • OpenScape Health Station provides every patient with personal telephony and entertainment services.
  • OpenScape Concierge provides hospital operators with more information in a centralized overview.
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