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Success Story

A Circuit solution for Ambulante Pflege Janz GmbH

“24/7 shift working – resulting changes in-home care management – leads to communication breakdowns, information being lost and potentially incorrect decisions being made.

Circuit permits clear and precise cross-team communications to be handled in a direct and secure way.”

Ute Janz, Managing Director – Ambulante Pflege Janz GmbH

The Task

  • To maintain up-to-date information and consistency of decisions across the 24/7/365 service, ensuring all home care teams and other external consultancy groups e.g. doctors are always updated on the latest patient communication
  • Better interdisciplinary collaboration to ensure patient medical records are always accessible
  • TÜV-relevant processes to be documented and evaluated in a verifiable manner
  • Achieve compliance with legal data protection guidelines (data cannot be shared outside EU)
  • Hardware-independent communication and documentation process
  • To increase workplace attractiveness through utilizing latest innovative technology.

The Solution – Circuit

  • Home care service orders dispatched with a single click
  • Patient records accessible to onsite homecare teams
  • Real-time information Unified interface with intuitive usability for all projects (at the end of the month all patients records such as medication are printed and stored in a separate system, meeting TÜV requirements)
  • No installation effort
  • Scalability per employee or workspace
  • Calculable cost structure
  • Seamless integration into an OpenScape Business Voice solution.

The Benefits

  • Increased employee and patient satisfaction by reducing communication gaps
  • Enabled timely implementation of medical devices (e.g. change of medication)
  • All current information for the nursing service is provided on site and accessible at all times
  • Minimized risk of incorrect decisions, due to lack of information
  • Reduction of documentation and communication costs outside the care sector
  • Time is money: enabling in-home care teams to focus on their jobs, and minimize the time taken by documentation.
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