Remote Branch

Connect your offices with Unify OpenScape Branch

Remote workers sometimes feel cut off. What happens when the network fails? Bring your everywhere workers into the fold with a secure and reliable connection you can count on.

Unify OpenScape Branch removes the “remote” from remote office

Survivable Branch office solution for Unify OpenScape Voice

Survivability for Contact Center agents and Trading Turrets

Integrated analog adaptor for legacy device support

Fits into virtualized architecture (VMware), delivered as a vApp

Scales from 50 users to 6,000 users

Integrated digital interfaces for PSTN interconnection (PRI/BRI)

Integrated Session Border Controller for SIP Trunking support (portable SIP Session licensing)

Licensing options – Permanent (CAPEX), Subscription (OPEX)

Simple to implement. Easy to manage

Remote Branch

With Unify OpenScape Branch, your distance teammates are as connected as everyone. All the same capabilities, all the same capacities, as headquarters. And when things beyond your control happen, like network failure, your remote team doesn’t just survive. They thrive, with the UC features they have come to count on, plus local phone system connectivity and network security, and more.

Unify OpenScape Branch is available as a virtual appliance or standard server application, to suit your needs. It installs quickly and easily and, once installed, is a “zero touch” solution. It uses the same management interface as the headquarters application, so there’s nothing new to learn. And it retains local billing and call detail recording, so records management isn’t lost. Make your team feel less like remote workers, and more like anywhere workers.

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Leveraging the benefits of an open architecture in a Voice-over-IP enterprise communication environment, the Unify OpenScape Branch is a SIP-based server that dramatically increases business continuity while lowering operational costs.

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