Unify OpenScape Xpressions

Voice Messaging – much more than voicemail

Read voicemail. Listen to email. Send a fax. Receive a text. At your desk. On your mobile. All from one application—simple.

The most natural interface

Voicemail for 20,000 users and unified messaging for 10,000 users

Intuitive multi-media messaging blending

Web Assistant for internet browser access to messages

Sophisticated speech-enabled voice portal

Text (email) to Speech,  Speech (voicemail) to text conversions, Automatic Speech Recognition, and Natural Speech Understanding

Works with a wide range of PBXs, groupware platforms, and fax servers

Voice Messaging

Unify OpenScape Xpressions provides one central inbox for all messages—voice, email, fax and SMS text—enabling mobile and home-based workers to stay connected all the time.

You can be more productive. More efficient. More responsive. And because Xpressions is mobile, all this is available wherever you are.

Text-to-speech capabilities let you hear your emails, by reading them to you. Speech-to-text lets you read voice messages. Unify OpenScape Xpressions uses natural language understanding, so you can retrieve messages – in whatever form – wherever you are.

Voice Messaging

No more missed calls

Don’t struggle with call-backs and missed calls. Don’t worry about manually re-routing calls and taking messages. Unified Messaging empowers you to process large volumes of incoming voice traffic and other communications, accurately and correctly, so you can be more productive.

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Unify OpenScape Xpressions

The smooth flow of information, flexibility, and speed have become decisive success factors for modern, competitive organizations.

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