Circuit Resale Partner – Contractual

Legally, the Circuit Resale Model is a Sub-Provider Model. In order to keep the ownership of End Customers with their respective Reseller, all rights and obligations as a provider of Circuit must cascade through the Distributor and Reseller. In order to provide you with the required legal documents, Unify has provided contractual attachments below for download.

Reseller T&Cs (zip file)
Circuit Acceptable Use Policy Functions
Circuit Data Privacy Statement Functions
Circuit Data Processing Agreement – End Customer/Reseller Functions
Circuit Data Processing Agreement – Reseller/Distributor Functions
Circuit eStore for Resellers – Functional Description – V1-0 – 2016 May 03
Circuit EULA Functions
Circuit Supplement Agreement for Cloud Annex 1 – Aug 2016
Circuit Support Forum Rules Functions
Circuit Terms of Service 2Tier Resellers V2.0 – Aug 2016
Product & Service Description Circuit Functions