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Unify Office is the new cloud team collaboration and communications service delivered by Atos Unify in partnership with RingCentral, a market leader in UCaaS.

Unify Office delivers everything that modern team members need in one place, on any device and from any location.

Our experience of building enterprise scale messaging and real-time collaboration solutions is now available to organisations of any size.

Digital transformation of public services has been massively accelerated by Covid-19

We are living in a world where cloud security, reliability and flexibility are crucial. Unify Office by RingCentral enables teams to be productive and efficient from wherever they are located, while reducing their carbon impact. Unify Office by RingCentral delivers extensive on-the-ground support and services integration that is ideal for government and commercial organisations of any size.

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Unify Office by RingCentral offers several benefits to customers, including:

  • Simplicity: One vendor, One offer, One solution. Whether a customer’s need is big or small UO supports them with a simplified landscape to cover all communication and collaboration needs, wherever teams are working in the new normal.
  • Work from anywhere: Users can communicate via Message, Video or Phone on any device, from anywhere.
  • Open Platform and Integrations: Easily integrate Unify Office with existing business applications, when using applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google productivity suites through 200+ pre-built integrations, or with help of Atos to develop integrations for specific custom workflow.
  • Direct integration with Microsoft O365 either via plugins or Direct Routing and Google Workplace for easy communication and collaboration directly from the workplace applications customers use most.
  • Enhanced user experience: Unify Office by RingCentral offers dark mode for easier viewing and to reduce energy consumption by display devices.
  • Carbon footprint reduction: Unify Office by RingCentral has consolidated individual servers into a highly efficient central data center, which reduces the carbon impact of the technology.

Share Share more! Keep on the same page with persistent messaging for individuals and groups.

Share files, notes and tasks.

Stay in touch with customers, partners and colleagues through messaging, high quality audio / video meetings, robust telephony and more.
Message and Meet Message and Meet Connect easily through audio and video meetings with colleagues and guests.

Start immediately or schedule with your calendar, share screens and applications.

Record the sessions for those unable to attend in person or to engage a wider audience.

Stay on the same page with persistent messaging with individuals and groups using attachments, shared notes and tasks.
Phone Phone All the business telephony features you expect available across your devices regardless of location. Number portability, inclusive minutes and the ability to re-use existing handsets maintains familiarity and avoids unnecessary spend.

Use one business number for both calling and fax with direct PSTN access in 40 countries.
Integrations Integrations Hundreds of pre-built integrations available from the app marketplace mean you don't need to change existing business workflows - from productivity through to enterprise business applications.

At Atos Unify, our partners and customers can leverage rich APIs to quickly build more custom integrations where needed.
Reporting & Analytics; Reporting and Analytics Acquire powerful understanding through enhanced visualisation dashboards that deliver more than 30 KPIs.

Capturing data driven insight of organisational demand enables accurate planning.

Access live reports and quality of service alerts to quickly analyse any user impact of the network environment.

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