Workforce Productivity in Government: A Collaboration Revolution

Posted on: Aug 11, 2017 by Paul Bender

For Public Sector agencies looking to jump on the unified communications bandwagon, bringing together voice, video, screen share, messaging and file-sharing into a single platform-agnostic application can deliver a ‘single pane of glass’ collaboration tool that’s designed for the way organizations and people work today.

By overlaying existing productivity tools, agencies can continue to leverage their existing assets while embracing a wealth of additional business capabilities and services.

Freeing employees to work where they want, when they want and how they want requires an open standards approach that delivers seamless call transitions between devices while enabling full screen, file and document sharing – and more.

Quite simply, unified communications provides the real- time insights, communication and collaboration capabilities employees need to get on with the job in hand – without frustrating or unnecessary delays.

In this new ‘always on’ digital workplace, it’s easy to find people and knowledge fast. With just one click, teams can come together in a group conversation, share screens or upload and download files – and even send contextual chat messages during and after a session. What’s more, every conversation – including the information and files exchanged – is available to refer to whenever needed. That gives users a single unified view of all communications, content and collaboration, regardless of their location – or the device they’re using.

Now, with that introduction aside, let’s look at how communication issues affecting your agency might be solved by using an enterprise team communication and collaboration solution such as Circuit.

  • Issue: How to increase operational efficiency and increase employee productivity?
  • Resolution: Look for a solution which consolidates voice, HD, video, screenshare, chat and file sharing in a single web-based platform that accelerates productivity – enabling communications in any channel and in real-time.
  • Issue: How can we enable greater team collaboration across sites – including remote and distributed locations – and interagency working?
  • Resolution: Look for an intuitive and easy-to-use real-time communication platform that enables people to collaborate and access files wherever they are – connect from a PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android.
  • Issue: How can we support the wider adoption of teleworking strategies?
  • Resolution: Pursuing IP-voice integration with video and web conferencing, chat, messaging, presence, one-number service and more will enable workers to be productive at home, or on the move.
  • Issue: How can my agency initiate a flexible digital workplace with leading-edge tools and an intuitive user experience?
  • Resolution: High Definition video and natural conversation feeds enable employees to work remotely, connect with colleagues and citizens, access the data and resources they need and share information ‘in the moment’ with others – all in one place.
  • Issue: How can we harness the power of digital technologies to bring teams together, organize projects and get things done?
  • Resolution: Create conversations – searchable threads of texts, files and calls that can be shared with people, teams and external consultants and advisors – enabling mobile devices to become true communication and collaboration interfaces.
  • Issue: How can a collaboration tool such as Circuit boost efficiency while cutting costs?
  • Resolution: High quality voice and High Definition video eliminate the need for costly face-to-face meetings. That keeps employees productive and, it’s resource effective.

I’ve covered a number of issues here facing agency management. How is your agency handling the unified communications revolution?

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