Podcast: Unify’s Top Predictions for 2018

Is this one of those tipping points where new trends come to the fore -- having a significant and increasing impact on how we interact, work and play? Beyond the continuing impact of social, mobile and cloud, the horizon glitters with new opportunities (and perhaps threats) from artificial intelligence, bots (software and hardware), the internet of things (IoT) and more.

Be prepared. Listen to Unify's Top Predictions for 2018 podcast with Unify's experts Tim Bishop and Ross Sedgewick.

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About Ross Sedgewick

Digital Workplace and Team Collaboration Expert
Ross joined Unify in 2002 and has fulfilled several expert marketing roles in technologies for the digital workplace, team collaboration / customer contact solutions, and virtual team engagement. He currently handles content creation, messaging and insight development relating to the digital workplace. Ross is passionate about humanizing the intersection of people and technology, and understanding how users engage and interact. Prior to joining Unify, Ross has held marketing, product, channel and sales leadership positions at IBM Corporation, Delano Technologies, and Siemens Enterprise Communications.