Letters from the Home Working Front

Posted on: Jun 21, 2017 by Peter Greco

Dear People who try to get anything done working from home.

When I entered the workforce, the job market was tight. I sent out a lot of resumes, but there wasn’t a market for my skill set. That skill set consisted of...come to think of it, I had no skill set, other than...nope, that's not a skill. Son of a gun, how did I ever get a job in the first place? As I turned out, my brother got me a job pulling cable for a company that installed and repaired business telephone systems and I have been in telecommunications ever since.

This career has been fascinating, well maybe not fascinating, but it has certainly held my interest for a good percentage of the time. And what has been interesting is seeing how differently people work since I started. For example, people once scoffed at the idea of leaving a voicemail message, rather than having a "secretary" take a message on a pre-printed pink pad. Then    voicemail became commonplace; now it is passé. I think it's because people hated hearing the sound of their own voice on voicemail. They prefer the way their voice sounds in their heads when they type or text and figured that was a better option. Someday we’ll be sending messages telepathically and we'll be able to choose the voice with which it is delivered. My default voice will be Jerry Lewis as the Nutty Professor. That should cut down on the return traffic.

If you've read this far you’re asking yourself, "Does this guy have a point?" That's a good question. I think there are lots of people adjusting to a work world that is changing so quickly that the change in how you work is creating as much stress as the work itself. We’ll offer some relief from that stress and from time to time discuss technology and suggestions based on my experience as a provider and user of telecommunications technology. While I work for a provider of these solutions (Unify), there will be no commercials or sales pitches, not even a subliminal advertisement. I will post these little nuggets here and elsewhere and ask that you let me know if I'm nuts, wait, no, my family has that that piece covered like a tent. Maybe just let me know if I am off-base or if you have observations and opinions as well.


Peter Greco

Peter is married with 3 children and published his first book in 2012.  Peter has been with Unify for over 20 years, currently as Vice President - Inside Sales and Sales Support for North America.

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