Letters from the Home Office Vol. 10

Posted on: Aug 31, 2017 by Peter Greco

Avoiding the Disabled List

At some point we are going to start getting interesting data about a new category of work at home injuries. This isn’t about tripping over a power cord or burning out your retinas from staring at a computer screen all day. You can do that anywhere. I’m talking about things like skin conditions from wearing your pajamas all day and all night for five straight days. Or compressed vertebrae from carrying laundry upstairs while holding your mobile phone to your ear with your shoulder. Or, whiplash from trying to get your headset back on to take a call on your computer after you’ve been on a call on your desk phone, home phone, or mobile phone. I actually used to yell “Hold on! I’ll be right there!” when this would happen, as if my panicked voice would carry to the caller in Cincinnati. You finally get the headset on, and answer the call the call out of breath and frustrated, only to discover the person actually meant to call your brother who works for the same company (Okay, that’s a little too specific since this happens to me three times a week, but you get the point).

This is where technology can help. There are cool headsets out there that can enable you to just push a button and answer the call regardless of device. And most Unified Communications solutions offer one number service, so business calls track to one device regardless what the caller dialed. There is one catch. You have to know how to use these things. One thing I’ve discovered over the past five years or so is that these solutions are less complicated than you might think. It seems manufacturers have finally figured out that nobody will use what they don’t understand. You can always do what I do and find out who’s using these solutions and have them show you. Just set up a web collaboration video call, give the other person control of your screen, let them install the solution and demonstrate it and record the session. Easy. Or maybe just ask for directions.

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