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Posted on: July 13, 2017 by Mark Smith

For 170 years we’ve been a leading light in driving forward the way businesses and people communicate. Today I’m excited to introduce to you the next step forward in communications and team collaboration. Combining the carrier grade power of OpenScape Voice and our leading edge collaboration app Circuit into a brand new solution for businesses of any size.

Let me introduce you to OpenScape Cloud.

With OpenScape Cloud we have developed a single communications and team collaboration offering, able to be used across any deployment type. Want a low cost communications and collaboration platform for your start-up to cover you for all your needs? Our partners can help you with our Multi-Tenant, shared Public environment. Need to transform your large enterprise but also need to take a measured approach protecting existing investments? Combine OpenScape Cloud with your existing on premise offering, layer in Circuit and a full range of managed services from our parent group Atos.

The hallmark of the latest generation of applications is seamless user interfaces and experiences regardless of platform. You interact with OpenScape Cloud directly from what we believe is the best user interface in the industry, Circuit. Users interact with communications and collaboration everyday with apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Line. Circuit is familiar to those users, simple for them to adopt and available on their platform of choice.

One of the biggest things we’ve baked into OpenScape Cloud, is flexibility and choice. Mix subscriptions, deploy how you want, scale as you grow, move to Opex but with Capex payment styles, get that all from your local IT provider. OpenScape Cloud fits to how you want to do business not just today but how you’ll do business in the future as well.

Work has already started on the next layer of features and improvements to OpenScape Cloud and it will be managed in the same agile sprint methodology as Circuit. That means improvements and new features will be coming at users every few weeks.

This solution has touched so many of us at Unify I fear I’d miss too many if I tried to name them all. Suffice to say we hope you enjoy what we have built and we look forward to welcoming you on board. If you missed the launch you can watch it in full below.

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OpenScape Cloud - Launch

Introducing OpenScape Cloud our brand new solution. Combining the carrier grade power of OpenScape Voice and Circuit in the cloud.

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