Introducing Atos Unify

I’d like to share with you the thinking behind Atos Unify. It reflects an evolution of purpose for us here at Atos. I have worked in the communications technology industry my whole career and have never known a time like we are experiencing now. It’s been incredible to see the rapid mobilization of technology to support individuals and organizations, and also the agility of those organizations in reconfiguring to the pandemic situation.

Business operations and public services have been able to continue, in some cases with vastly greater throughputs than before and we hardly ever encounter any clients who expect a post-pandemic set-up to revert to the situation before. Remote working and home working will certainly be a significant enduring feature of the “new normal”.

But at the same time, we can’t believe for a moment that the arrangements that have enabled us to keep the lights on, and even turn them up a little during the last months are necessarily an approach that is sustainable in the medium term. Wonderful as the tools are, it’s clear that they don’t yet achieve that immersive, natural and dynamic experience of actually being together:  brainstorming, co-creating, whiteboard pen in hand. There is still a way to go.

Also the mental and psychological aspects of extended remote work, the building and sustaining of trust, and the implications of these types of workstyles on different personality types. All of these will need much more consideration to create an enduring and nourishing experience for employees. As a long term home-worker myself, and manager of homeworkers I recognize the special effort that it really takes to remain connected and close to colleagues over distance and to build that shared purpose, that shared enterprise.

And so this the purpose that Atos Unify now symbolizes, supporting our clients in conceiving, building and sustaining the hybrid workplaces in which their people can thrive. And where they are unified. Delivering workplaces that combine the best of what the digital and physical worlds can offer today, and of course to raise the bar for what these workplaces will evolve into.

A key goal underpinning this purpose is to contribute to carbon reduction – “decarbonization” as our CEO Elie Girard terms it. The way that technology is designed and operated obviously contributes to this, but more significantly, the carbon-positive behaviors it can foster - from changes in travel patterns to the virtualization of entire organizations – can definitely see the green potential of the “new normal” workplace.

Our own technology and services will of course play an important part, but in pursuit of this purpose we know that many best-in-class elements will be drawn from other innovators. And this will enable us to maximise the value that we can offer to our customers.

We’re more excited about Atos Unify than ever and hope you are too. We look forward to working together to create the most powerful, sustaining and engaging workplaces that people will love to be a part of.

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