Get Up, Stand Up!

Posted on: Aug 9, 2017 by Peter Greco

Letters from the Home Office Volume 7

While the title of this article is also a great song by Bob Marley and the Wailers, I’d like to make a slightly different point here. When you research healthy lifestyles you rarely see a recommendation to sit at a desk all day. Think about your daily routine, let’s use mine as an example.

Zero hour: Get up, do my thing, make coffee, go out front for the newspaper.

Two minutes later: Take coffee to the desk, deploy the headset, hunch over the keyboard and get to work.

Three hours later: Break for a biological imperative, but take the mobile with me, ear buds in place and mute button activated.

Four hours later: Look at a clock and realize I haven’t taken my eyes off of work for seven hours, haven’t even read the headlines from the newspaper, and haven’t spoken to a live human being since last night.

Ten Minutes Later: Take a break to get something to eat that I can carry back to my desk while I’m still on a call or responding to a note.

Two hours after that: Get a stabbing pain in between the shoulder blades. This is either a cramp, or my wife suggesting that darkness is a hint to step away from the pod.

Let’s face it, this is no way to live. Fortunately for me, my desk chair recently broke (not before my buddy Sam set a new record for spins without using his feet). This means I have to work standing up until the replacement chair I bought on-line shows up. This standing up thing is excellent and there are inexpensive desk-top work surfaces that facilitate working on your feet.

I went to a new age company facility in Northern California last year where all of the people worked at these upright workstations. They were all really healthy looking and energetic. There were all 27 years old too. But nevertheless, I think it is wise to seriously investigate a small investment in a desktop desk. It compels you to move around a little and once you’re up you might even see what the rest of your house looks like. In fact, when I stood up, I noticed my guitar in the corner of the room and started guessed it.

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