First Thoughts from Lutz Herrmann, Unify’s New Leader in Germany

“Internal First” is a commonly heard mantra within Atos.  This is our business philosophy of recognising, developing and promoting home-grown talent into new opportunities, and it’s because of this philosophy that we have a flexible, broadly experienced talent pool - perhaps most notably in our leadership team.  When I was offered the opportunity move from service operations leadership to take on the Atos Communication and Collaboration business in Germany, Unify, I could see both the opportunity to use my experience and values, but also to learn.

For me, an equally important mantra is “Client First”.  Having delivered some of the most complex client projects for Atos in Germany, and previously at IBM, I know the importance of working closely with clients throughout the life of a project.  In fact, it’s not an understatement to say I love working with clients.  It’s the close working relationship, shared goals and approach which ultimately enable us all to succeed as a team, and also build lasting bonds and connections.

Unify is leading Atos in the inclusion of channel partners in the team.  Having built a strong and growing channel over several years, Unify also benefits from their intimate client knowledge as well as specialist skills.  This is an area of continued focus, and I see tremendous opportunity to develop from channel to ecosystem, where we can all draw on each others’ specialisms and insights.

A passion of mine is cooking.  The fundamentals of good cooking don’t change, but today some of the most exciting and interesting food comes from the fusion of different styles or cultures.  The world of business technology is also a world of fusion.  Collaboration, AI, IoT, security,… the list goes on – today’s projects are multidisciplinary and this is where the unique combination of Unify, Atos and our partners can deliver outstanding results.

My predecessor, Bernd Wagner has done a superlative job of steering and reshaping the Unify business to meet the challenges that the market presents.  We have a team that is highly committed and experienced, and ready for the next challenges.  We have solutions in OpenScape and Circuit that are world-class, and access to the wide capabilities that Atos and the partner community bring.

I believe that with this combination, and the continued trust of our clients we have all of the ingredients we need for even greater success.  I’m already loving being here “in the kitchen” at Unify and can’t wait to taste the results of our joint endeavours! Zum Wohl!

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About Lutz Herrmann

Head of Unify Business, Germany
Lutz Herrmann brings a deep experience of delivering complex customer projects, both within Atos and previously within IBM and will continue this emphasis of working closely with clients to support them in achieving their goals.