If you do it right the first time, you can just keep making it better

Posted on: Nov 16, 2017 by Jon Anderson

The unbroken line. The strengthening of applications through continuous improvement. The results of this careful planning can be seen in the intuitive and incremental learning required to access new capabilities. Sure, technology seems to be about disruption these days, but is it? Don’t businesses operate best through a continuous thread of improvements versus lurching from one promised brass ring to another?

Within the business communications world, today’s quick technology turns are laying bare deficiencies in vendor planning. Instead of the unbroken line, leading vendors are pulling their customers through a zigzagging maze of forklifts, bolt-ons and acquisitions as they breathlessly try to remain on top. This breakneck pace is exposing the weak underpinnings of their core strategies.

One acquisitive vendor has steadfastly believed in buying their way out of harm’s way when gaps appear. Another collects market share and overlapping portfolios in the hopes something will stick. And a third believes scattering overlapping capabilities throughout their vast portfolio creates adhesion and value between its product suites – instead of the confusion and gaps this strategy actually delivers.


In each of these situations, customers lose sight of the fact that were these portfolios architected correctly to account for change, these gyrations wouldn’t be necessary. When the vendors’ expected linear roadmap splinters into dead-ended forks, the customer pays the price.

Enter Unify.

Back in 2003, Unify saw the coming need to have a multi-tenant system to embrace cloud deployments. Today, 14 years later, Unify remains the only enterprise communications vendor who can seamlessly move users between premises and cloud deployments on the same system, with the same features. The result is an unbroken continuum of advancements available to Unify users.

Unify’s Circuit is one of those advancements. Anticipating the move to team collaboration, Unify developed Circuit to take advantage of cloud computing, but also to include seamless connectivity between all Unify user types. Circuit then went a step further by developing integrations with non-Unify voice solutions – unique among team collaboration applications.

In the end, business is about communication and communication is about connectivity. Using the Circuit portal, a host of communications capabilities stand ready, including Enterprise-grade Voice, Telephony Integration, Group Conversation Messaging, High Definition Video and Audio Conferencing, Desktop Screen Sharing, Online Meetings, File and Content Sharing, Digital Recording and Robust Storage … all in one application, on any device, on any network, at any location, between any group of licensed and guest users.

If you want to return to the unbroken line of advancement, try Circuit by clicking here, and see if those forks in the road don’t disappear.

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